Slâinte currently have three albums on general release. The first of these is under the original guise of the band when they were known as Tir an Ceol. The album name is ‘Celtic Tradition’ and features fifteen tracks of music performed by the original line up of Joe, Lynne, Alan, Streak and Salty.

After Streak and Salty left the band, a name change was in order as well as three new members. Mark, Paul and Heath. A new album was devised and released in February 2002. Twelve new tracks of ballads, tunes and unnaccompanied numbers feature on the new album which has been aptly named ‘Tir an Ceol’.

In March 2004, after fifteen months of recording, the third and much waited for album arrived. The album name is ‘Black is the Colour’ and opens with a track by the same name. The musicians from Slainte believe that they have reached new heights is producing this album. The whole album has been reigned in to create the ultimate easy listening musical extravaganza. Watch out for the dedication to Streak.