Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Flute, Penny Whistle.

Joe is a gifted musician with years of classical training behind him – so where did it all go wrong? No doubt frustrated at not being able to play all twelve instruments in his repertoire at the same time, he turned to drinking Guinness, then decided to form a band. With devotion, determination and a huge natural talent, he achieved remarkable success – but thats enough about his drinking.

Returning to the band idea, he had a clear vision to create the ultimate ‘Celtic’ sound. Slainte is that sound and it is becoming obvious to all who hear the band that what started out as a dream is becoming reality. Apart from being the main vocalist, his other duties include arranging the music and staring at ‘band members’ when things don’t go according to plan. Joe has great energy on the guitar and performs fast and furious work on the banjo – his playing leaps out, grabs you and catches you with its breathtaking virtuosity.